One place to monetize your livestreams.

Directly from your stream decoder.

Generating income for artists, labels, venues and event organizers the easy way.

Monetize your livestreams for free.

We believe that every streamer should be able to generate income from their performance.


Upload our overlay

We provide a QR-code and payment page that works over all existing streamingplatforms.
One place for all your revenue. 


Start streaming

When streaming, viewers scan the QR-code in the overlay with their camera and donate on the spot. 


Generate income

Receive donations, highlight your webshop products or sell streamtickets. You can also generate leads from your pages and receive a kickback from third parties.

Select your revenue model

You can custom your payment page with receiving donations, sell products or stream tickets.

Receive donations from your stream viewers

revenue model 1

Basically, an online event is just as much a performance as a normal event. As an artist you have the right to earn from it. You can set up your support stream page on this; choose yourself as a revenue model and receive direct donations from viewers.

A good alternative if you don't want a paywall for your live stream.

Promote webshop items

revenue model 2

A second way to earn from live streams is to highlight a product on your page, such as merchandise or a concert ticket. Our high-meter conversions increase the chances of buying this item. A subtle form of donation, the proceeds of which go directly to you.

Sell stream tickets in advance

revenue model 3

If you don't want to ask for donations from your fans but prefer to sell tickets, that's possible too. You opt for pay-per-view, the viewer pays for the content they consume.
Of course you determine the price yourself.

Let us know if you want to offer a monthly subscription, we are happy to think along with you. We set up the process completely for you, from template tickets that grant access to the stream to access control at the 'door'.

Support yourself and another

save the world and be rewarded for it

Now that traditional fundraising at festivals is not possible, charities also want to participate in the livestream trend that has emerged. Our wide network within the charity sector offers the possibility to link live streamers to lifesavers.

On your page we convert in a GDPR responsible manner, the viewer as lead for a good cause. For each validated lead, we will pay you a fee on top of your donations received directly. An efficient earnings model for your livestream, even if you do not want to request a direct donation from fans but still want to earn from your livestreams.

When using a paywall, you can integrate charity donations as an option for the viewer via our page. You will still receive a kickback via lead recruitment.

Setup your Support-Stream

in just 3 easy steps.

We supply a unique QR code. This QR code can be placed in your stream decoder (such as OBS). As soon as the viewer points the phone at this, the link to the payment page opens. There the viewer can donate and possibly register to receive updates from a good cause.

Choose the donation model for the live stream:
receive donations yourself (or make donations to charity), highlight a paywall or your own product. We set up the page according to your choice.

At the end of the stream there is a result; you have received direct donations. In addition, you will receive a fee of € 1.00 ex VAT per Dutch lead for the generated leads.

Start generating income on your next livestream.

Register for your starter kit and get started immediately.

commission on stream revenue
Unique QR-code - unlimited use
Payment page - unlimited use
Receive donations, sell products or tickets
Kickback fee for lead generation
"I have recommended Support-Stream to friends. It is an appropriate solution to the current situation for DJs. The service is excellent and it is a pleasant experience in itself! - try it out!" , it is free"
Tim Handy

Increase your livestream audience

with our target ad campaigns

As an artist you like to perform for full houses. This is no different for your livestream; it is important to have a full stream. More viewers also offers a greater chance of more donations and higher kickback on leads acquired.

We offer you expertise in boosting your live stream among your online audience. Our marketing expert is at your service. At the end of the ride, you have a ready-made campaign for your livestream!

This is how it looks like

Monetized livestream events

Commercial overlays in your stream have high conversions, as it is brought
to the attention of your viewer prominently. 

With Support-Stream, your viewers do not have to leave your stream to go to a separate
donation page, but can donate while enjoying the stream continuously. 

In this special livestream, hardcore DJ 'UNIFIRE' played at the Naturalis Biodiversity Center.
Check out the stream and see for yourself. 

Our Why

We believe streamers should be able to continue their work in these difficult times

Support-Stream founder Jan-Willem Blom is an event professional with profound experience in international events (from Amsterdam to Cape-Town) and music events and festivals. He witnessed from up close the collapse of his beloved industry. Standing at the edge of the abyss, the idea rose to support artists, that lost everything to COVID-19. 

Start monetizing your livestream the easy way.

  • One gathering place for all your donations with multi-platforms streaming
  • Payment convenience for your viewers with multiple payment providers
  • Multiple revenue models to choose of
  • Kickback fee for lead generation
  • Enlarge audience with livestream campaigns
  • Target conversion on page of 15%
  • No threshold or fee in advance